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Magic Move to Being in Business

Lots of entrepreneurs that I speak to spend a lot of time "being busy." They're attending meetings, answering emails and a ton of activity that fills up their schedule. They have great ideas in the middle of it all, but are so overwhelmed they fall into "productivity paralysis" and are just plain perplexed about how to really get to that next level. There's a magic move to being productive and profitable in business that no one is talking about.

Before we get to the "Magic Move," we have to first acknowledge that as an Entrepreneur you should always be striving to work on your business rather than just in your business. You open up the energy around this by setting up systems. This approach allows you to be set up for growth and actually implement all those fabulous ideas you have. For example, if you're an acupuncturist instead of only treating patients all day you can explore ways to treat and reach more people at once-leveraging your time and your income. Strong systems in your business operations will create that space. I have entrepreneurs I coach who either set up or strengthen their systems as a must. For the sake of this article, we accept that as a given. Now, step into the magic move-the one that has you in joy with everything you're doing, rather than just trying to catch your breath and stay one step ahead (or filing you your time with "stuff" because you secretly feel lost about what to do next).

Often, I've found that even when you have the tightest of systems, you can find yourself feeling like something is missing. Your energy is a bit blah and you don't feel jazzed to create. Even though the systems are crankin', you feel stuck. Just about every time I hear this from an entrepreneur, I know the magic move is missing; there isn't anywhere in the systems that allows for time to just be. Incorporating this move makes all the difference in the world and it's the one that is most resisted (including myself at times). Interesting, right?

Let's get clear about exactly what I mean by "time to just be." I'm not talking about time to watch TV or be with family and friends-although this is important and should be part of your systems, too. I'm talking about time to really connect to that part of yourself which is a direct connection to divine, inspired action. These are the ideas, solutions, and "how tos" that cannot be conceived of, created, or tapped into when you are busy "doing" and "going 24-7." And it's the powerful, magic move that no one in business is talking about. Frankly, I believe it's because they're scared to.

Traditional business doesn't operate from a place of stillness. The battle cry is, "if you're not in motion, you're losing money!" Meanwhile, money is being left on the table everywhere because folks are rushing by and too busy to see it. Even all the latest buzz about the Law of Attraction is filled with insistence to, "use this tool, this exercise, this strategy." Be sure to understand, these are very helpful, but the point of them is often lost; to bring us to that deep place of knowing that comes from being able to be.

Every time I've coached a client around this magic move more money has appeared. I have one client who just created $4,500 in a half day. The inspiration to pursue this means would never have appeared had she just still been going, going, going. It works.

Call To Action:

Start by scheduling some "be" time. Just take it and see what happens.

Write down anything that comes to you.

Let it go and then return to it a week later. Mark what that experience is like (you might be surprised what happened in the week between!).

by Heather Dominick

Making Money with our Blog

It�s easy to make money from blogs. There are all kinds of programs, affiliations available to make money from blogs, in fact, even easy money.

What is a blog?

Blog is a personal space, rather a personal diary, with the difference that it is not a closed diary but one that is open to anyone to walk in and read and leave a comment. There are various types of blogs, some are business blogs, and some are social networking blogs. Some blogs are personal some are professional but most of them have a theme on which the contents are based. Creating a blog is easy, even a child make a blog.

Types of blogs

Comment blogs are the ones that offer comment on events in the writer�s life. It takes a subject or incident and makes a comment which the reader may be interested in. Comment blogs often substitute for newspaper editorials. Needless to say they are a combination of news and opinions. Blogs are tools in the hands of writers to keep in touch with each other and also to inform the world about events in the writer�s life. Recently, there have been instances of bloggers updating the world about events in countries that have undergone political change, when no other traditional media was allowed to cover the events.

The other type of blog is filter blog. Filter blogs are similar to comment blogs but point to other locations within the internet for articles and have minimum of content, and more of links. Owners of such blogs can be requested for links to sites, for a fee, of course. You can make money online using these blogs.

You can opt for any of these types to make money through blogging. Most blogs such as and are free to subscribers and you can easily create a blog in a few steps and earn good money.

Creating a Blog

Blogs are easy to create on and There are other blog creation sites such as typepad, and MSN�s It only takes a few clicks to create a blog. Have a name that is appropriate to the theme of your blog so that they will show up in search engine results and it can also impact your ranking on search engines. For example if your blog is about mobile blogging have a name such as Do not combine the two words, i.e., don�t create a blog with the name as It�s a better strategy to use the former to let search engines find your blog.

Promoting Your Blog

First of all submit your blog to the major search engines before you can earn money from blogging. Slowly, your traffic will build and you can paste a visit counter to check the progress of visitors on your blog. Also send a link to your friends and extended contact lists to visit your blog and link to you. When the number of links of your blog increases, so will your popularity and your rating with the search engines. Keep promoting your blog without let up.

Apply to Affiliate Programs

When there is a constant flow of visitors to your blog everyday you can start the process of earning money from your blog. First apply to affiliation programs which pay money to feature their ads on your blog. After registering with them copy and paste their code in the appropriate sections in your blog. Affiliate programs pay per click or pay if a sale is made through a click from your blog. So choose your affiliate program wisely.

Register with Google Adsense

Google runs their advertising program on websites and blogs which is called Google Adsense. When you register with Adsense, Google supplies you with the code that you can copy and paste on your blog. Once you do this you can track your blog�s performance by registering on Google�s analytical tool � Google Analytics. This free analytical tool will analyze the number of visitors to your site each and also give you the demographic data of the visitors.

Do not give up. As the popularity of your blog grows, both traffic as well as ranking on search engines can only become better. So the more popular your blog the more will be your revenue from Affiliate programs and Adsense.

Most importantly, if you are seeking to make money from blogging, spread your interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Some Good Money Making Affiliate Sites:

As mentioned above, Adsense is Google�s advertising program and when featured on your blog can bring you revenue when a visitor clicks on the ad links. If you place the adsense code strategically on your blog then you can get more clicks. It should be right at the top of the blog, and preferably at the top right hand side. Also you can choose an ad size that is prominent enough to display it prominently on your blog.

Amazon has an affiliate program that includes products like books, CDs, office products, household products, etc. It also has a contextual advertising program in which you have to place a code in your page and all words on your page that has association with Amazon products will turn into a link. This has more chances of making money as the reader is directly reading content relating to the advertisement, and therefore has a greater chance of clicking on the ad. is a website that is in the domain booking and related services realm. It has an affiliate program by which their ads can be featured on blogs and the blogger can earn referral income. For more details read the affiliate page on the website.

Though G2bux doesn�t have an affiliation program it rewards members with G2points which can be converted into cash when it reaches a certain limit. Users can find tens of ways to make money online on G2bux. It is a good site to make money from and offers a number of modules through members can earn money. Registration is free and is open to all. also has an affiliate program in which bloggers can become a member. Ebay is a popular site for buying and selling used and new products and your visitors would certainly be interested in the products for sale on the site. Visit for their affiliation program and sign up if you think it will work for you.

by John P Matthew

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